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Copyright    Dreamridge   Havanese

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Copyright    Dreamridge   Havanese

Copyright    Dreamridge   Havanese

©  Dreamridge  Havanese South Africa


Our introduction to Havanese began in 2006 when we went to Crufts to see Tibetan Terriers.  We were charmed by these kind, gentle, smiling, clowning dogs.  Those eyes just melted my heart in an instant.  However this breed was not yet in South Africa.


Then by a pure miracle in 2007 we stumbled across our boy!  He was meant to be and Pepper joined our family.  Within hours he had crept deep into our hearts and home and so our tale began......


In June 2008 afters tons of research Wendy Wheat from Rhumderry Kennels, Australia, sent our precious Gamai to us.  We were now in the infancy of our dream!


In July 2009 Lucy (also from Rhumderry) came to live with us .... WOW what a stunner! ........and so our story is building and we are living the dream with these awesome little creatures.  They have brought nothing but love, laughter and tons of happiness into our home.  For which I shall be eternally grateful!


Our Havanese are busy little bees, each one does something according to what their drive, motivation and passion develops into.  So we do Agility, Obedience, Musical Freestyle and Breed Show!  Each one having a wonderful time in whichever area(s) they participate in .....they keep us on our toes!

Our aim is to introduce quality Havanese into South Africa, by ensuring that we use only the best foundation stock and to do our utmost to only promote excellence in the breed!!!! 

© Dreamridge

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